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Mar 09, 2010· I have been using Dharma's stove top steamer and the vertical steamer from Jacquard for the last 7 years. I steam for about 3 hours but many people steam for 4 hours. I always put the silk in a preheated steamer, never a cold steamer. I check the water level … > Get A Quote >

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Steamers use water to create hot steam to relax fibers of wrinkled or creased fabric. Garment steamers can remove wrinkles in certain apparel items like screen-printed tees and tanks without causing damage to the graphic, unlike a traditional iron which would damage the print. Garment steamers are available in various styles and designs. > Get A Quote >

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It’s perfectly safe to use steamers on lace, satin, silk, and polyester. All of these fabrics would otherwise be damaged by ironing. Another amazing benefit to using a steamer is that it’s easier than ever to reach difficult areas. Traditional irons seem to only flatten certain parts of … > Get A Quote >

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I had a silk book from the USA which had photos of how to suspend the silk, so we pored over that for a while, dug holes into the top of the cardboard cylinder we had used for the length of silk, made a hook out of a coathanger and hung the whole lot on another piece of coathanger across the top of the steamer. > Get A Quote >

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Supplies for steaming: Dyed fabric - silk, cotton, rayon, etc. Clean newsprint (not colored ink or glossy print). Heavy aluminum foil. Masking tape. Thick towel. > Get A Quote >

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Jan 09, 2020· The best garment steamers to unwrinkle your clothing without ironing, including handheld steamers and professional at-home steamers from Jiffy, Conair, and more. Our #2 … > Get A Quote >

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Jun 15, 2010· Removing Wax and Steam Setting Silk in a Pot - Duration: 5:41. Francine Dufour Jones 16,625 views. 5:41. Microwave Silk Painting Lesson - Duration: 5:13. Silkcraft Ltd 86,292 views. > Get A Quote >

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when all the silk is inside the bamboo steamer, place the lid back on HALF-FILL your pot with water and bring it to the boil. When the water is boiling, carefully place the bamboo steamer on top of it, with the outside bottom edge of the steamer fitting over the top of the pot. SET YOUR TIMER FOR 30 MINUTES > Get A Quote >